MFG Conference Agenda

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Welcome and Introduction - Joanne Atkin

Master of Ceremonies - Peter Izard

Joanne Atkin
Mortgage Finance Gazette
Peter Izard
Private Banking
Investec Private Bank
Dealing with cyber security

Thomas explores how you can make your organisations more resilient to cyber threat but also the steps you can take to make sure that if you do have a cyber event it is dealt with as quickly as possible.

Thomas Collins
AI and chatbots: beyond the hype

Mortgage brokers and lenders alike have been grappling with how to unlock the power of AI and chatbot technology. But outside of the hype, what is the current reality? How can incumbent companies utilise the technology to deliver better experiences to their customers and deliver efficiency gains?

Mark Lusted
Blockchain in the mortgage market

Matt will explain how lenders should be seriously considering the impact of blockchain and how it can overlap with the mortgage market.  What are the pre-requisites to building a technically feasible blockchain and what are the key considerations to enable you to go from a proof of concept to a commercially viable platform?

Matt Shaw
Synechron Business Consulting
Coffee Break
How can innovative approaches to data and technology revolutionise the home buying process?

Lauren will explain how the Land Registry is modernising its processes with its Digital Street project including digitisation of mortgage deeds, signatures and the Local Land Charges Register. 

Lauren Tombs
Senior Product Manager
HM Land Registry
Modern methods of construction and beyond

If the Government’s target of building 300,000 homes a year is to be achieved, housing supply needs to diversify to include more modern methods of construction and self/custom build. Lenders play an important part in funding these types of homes and there are both opportunities and challenges to consider.

Paul Broadhead
Head of Mortgage Policy
Building Societies Association
Open banking and the strategy for a modern mortgage lender

Michelle will give an insight into HSBC’s mortgage strategy and its use of open banking for credit applications as well as what the move to intermediary distribution has meant for the bank.      

Michelle Andrews
Head of Mortgages and Savings
A better home-moving experience for everyone

There has been a lot of talk about a frictionless house moving process. What does this really mean? ULS technology separates the hype from realities, looks at the likely impacts of the push for more digitisation, and explains what this means in real terms for conveyancing and ULS' launch in January 2019 of their solution, Digital Move.

Steve Goodall
Chief Executive Officer
ULS Technology
The lender/broker relationship

Robert will look at the impact of intermediaries on the mortgage market and how their interaction with lenders and consumers is developing.

Robert Sinclair
Chief Executive
The lender’s perspective – how do we all add value to the process?
Yorkshire was the first building society to separate its direct and indirect mortgage business with the creation of Accord Mortgages. Jeremy will expand on the importance of the intermediary for mortgage distribution.
Jeremy Dunscombe
Director of Intermediary Distribution
Accord Mortgages
How technology is transforming customer experience
Habito is a pioneer in the online mortgage intermediary space and Martijn will discuss how the mortgage advice market is changing in an increasingly digital world.
Martijn van der Heijden
Chief Strategy Officer
Coffee break
The Equity Release Council’s wide ranging agenda

David explains what is keeping the Equity Release Council busy as the sector expands and develops – from social care funding to the how lenders’ services and funding will be needed even more in the future. 

David Burrowes
Equity Release Council
The evolution of lending in retirement

Growth in the later life lending mortgage market is charging ahead with new developments all the time.  Adam will discuss developments in lifetime lending, the brokers view, what customers are doing and the impact on equity release of new products like RIOs - retirement interest-only mortgages.

Adam Carnall
Head of Partnerships
Age Partnership
Why lenders are failing the self-employed

One in seven people are now self-employed and most of them fear they will be discriminated against by mortgage lenders because of their employment status. Keith will share The Mortgage Lender’s insight into the experience of the self-employed and explain why it’s a segment of the market lenders should pay more attention to.

Keith Street
Chief Commercial Officer
The Mortgage Lender
Drinks reception